Corona Virus Notice

Our office is currently CLOSED for face to face sessions until further notice. We are offering VIDEO sessions through Doxy, a secure on-line telehealth site. The link is on the bottom left side of this screen. Please let the Office Manager know if you would like further information about telehealth services.

Special Education Advocacy

Parents often feel helpless or frustrated as they see their children struggle in school. Children's struggles can be behavioral, emotional, and/or academic but parents aren’t always sure how to proceed in getting help. While parents want to believe that problems are temporary or that they can handle things alone, this is not always the case. If you are a parent who suspects that a disability could be the root cause of your child’s struggle, Milgrim & Associates is here to assist you in getting the help from your child’s school which you are legally entitled to. You may be a parent that has already identified your child’s disability yet feel frustrated by a lack of school support. If so, we can help.


Any disability that impedes learning should be addressed and accommodated by schools. Children with disabilities are protected under The Individuals with Disability Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Having a law in place may make it seem that your child’s needs will be automatically recognized and met. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Federal law is unclear regarding criteria determining a disability; and even when a disability is present, the student may not be deemed eligible for services. All of this can lead to confusion for any parent.

Navigating the System

Committee meetings and evaluations just to determine eligibility can be difficult to navigate. Once that hurdle is cleared, planning meetings may not address each need or provide adequate services. While some schools work hard to evaluate and accommodate students with special needs, others are simply understaffed and too overwhelmed to do what is best for each student. Children that are on the borderline may be turned down for helpful services and accommodations. Milgrim & Associates will help you navigate the system, ask the right questions, and understand your rights as the parent of a potential student with special education needs.

Services offered at Milgrim & Associates

  • Consultation with parents to determine need for intervention
  • Education and preparation for parents prior to school evaluation
  • Guidance for parents prior to committee meetings to determine eligibility
  • Guidance for parents prior to planning meetings to write special education plans
  • Presence at school meetings in Prince William and Fairfax Counties.